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Absorption costing is a costing system in which the sum of the costs associated with the processing of a great or service are elucidated. This is in contrast with variable costing, which just includes certain types of associated costs. Absorption costing is also regarded as full costing or full absorption costing, and it is used in an assortment of ways by companies which wish to make a complete picture of their money related situation, incorporating in the figuring of taxes and sales reports. 

Some of the straight costs associated with assembling an item incorporate wages for workers physically assembling a feature, the crude materials used in handling a feature, and all of the overhead costs, such as all utility costs, used in processing a great. Absorption costing includes anything that is a straight cost in preparing a great as the cost base. This is contrasted with variable costing, in which settled assembling costs are not absorbed by the item. Advocates push absorption costing because altered assembling costs furnish future benefits.

With absorption costing, the variable assembling costs, being crude materials and work, are one singular part of the cost. This strategy also considers variable and altered overhead to be part of the on the whole cost of the item or service being advertised. A managerial bookkeeping cost system for expensing all costs associated with assembling a specific feature. Absorption costing uses the sum immediate costs and overhead costs associated with assembling a feature as the cost base. For the most part acknowledged bookkeeping principles (GAAP) need absorption costing for outer reporting. Absorption costing is also regarded as \"full absorption costing\".

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