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In animals, biotechnology techniques are being used to enhance genetics and for pharmaceutical or industrial applications. Atomic diagnosis techniques can assist drive rearing programs by regulating selection of superior animals. Animal cloning, through somatic unit atomic transfer (SCNT), allows for hereditary replication of selected animals. Animal agriculture is being transformed by fast advances in biotechnology --a term that encompasses a mixture of technologies, incorporating hereditary engineering (GE), hereditary alteration, transgenics, recombinant DNA techniques, and cloning, near others.

Producers are interested in the requisition of biotechnology to enhance gainfulness, consistency, and value; to present new nourishment, strand, and therapeutic products; and to secure the earth. Potential human health applications of transgenic animals incorporate preparing biopharmaceuticals and creating organs, tissues, and cells for xenotransplantation. Criticisms of such applications include issues running from sustenance safety and social resistance to potential negative impacts on animal welfare and on ecosystems. Questions also have arisen about the ampleness of the present administrative structure to assess and maintain any risks made by these technologies.

The tools for bringing specific new hereditary material into livestock have been ready since the mid-1980s. Then again, few transgenic animal projects to date have focused on true agricultural issues such as animal health and handling. Not long ago, cloned dairy cattle equipped for resisting mastitis have been touted as a first sample of hereditary engineering to enhance animal well-being. Pigs have been built for increased sow drain processing, which has resulted in faster-developing piglets. Transgenic fish with upgraded development characteristics are nearing the last stages of commercialization.

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