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Auditing is defined as the independent and systematic representation of data, records, statements, operations, and performances of the enterprise for some purpose. In any type of auditing, auditor tries to examine all the data, collects various proofs, and then carry out all the things in his audit report which is disclosed to the respective law authority. The purpose of auditing is to provide the adequacy of controls which is carried out in a certain environment in order to reduce the risk management, and provide the effective control over the enterprise under the governance process.
Auditing is the major part of the accounting, and is carried out to gain the certain financial statement of the company or the enterprise. Auditor ties to seek the reasonable assurance that the audit report if free from material error.Financial statements should be free from material misstatements and should not have any error.
Cost accounting is also refers to the accounts carried out to produce and manufacture the article. So, in order to manage the cost account, the auditor has to do the cost audit which is the accurate and systematic verification of the cost accounts and records, adherence of the auditing accounting homework help objectives.

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