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The secret writing is known as cryptography and it is a multi – faceted discipline of computer science. Cryptology is not only restricted to the area of computer science, instead you will find it equally available for other branches like that of politics, espionage, national security. Any data which is sensitive in nature is turned into cryptology, so that the data can be kept protected from threats. So, codes will be made available for both the groups who are involved in the receiving and sharing of information.


One party will code the message with a key and the other one will hold the public key which can be used to encode the matter of the message. If you do not possess the keys, then you will not be able to get the message that is encrypted out there. Cryptography computer homework help will allow you to understand the advantages of the cryptology and why it is used so widely these days. Sensitive information is part of our daily life and in most cases all the bank details or credit card details are store in the computer, therefore, if you use cryptology to protect them, then it will be better as the information will be stored in the right manner without any fear of being spoiled by threats.

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