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Equity Method Accounting Homework Help


Equity Method accounting homework help good for the investment


Even the companies make investments in other companies as well and the technique that is used to keep a track of that investment is known as equity method. When the income statement is prepared you will see that the companies are coming up with the investment income.


It mainly takes place when one company has a higher stake in any other company too. So, if one company holds over 20% of shares of any other company, then this method comes into place and the company is said to have significant influence over the others. If you want to deal with the equity method of accounting for investment, then you have to remember one equation that forms the base and that is Assets = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity.


Now, everything seems to be getting confused, so it is better that you look for Equity Method accounting homework help and complete your homework on time. In accounting every transaction creates a dual impact and that is the reason accounting has another name for it which is the double-entry system. If you want to enhance your grades, then it is better that you seek some expert help.

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