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Firewall is something which will stop the unauthorized access through private network. Firewall can be used in the software format or the hardware or in the combination of both. There are some private networks that should not be accessed by everybody and firewall acts as a gate keeper which validates the entry at the gate and verifies whether the entrant has the right authorization or not. Each and every message passes through firewall before entering the intranet or leaving it. There are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled and then only the entry will be allowed through firewall.


The software firewall and the hardware firewall are different and you will find the firewall hardware a bit more complicated and that is the reason you will find it hard to understand this part of the subject. Firewall computer homework help will allow you to understand how the firewall stops the information from getting leaked. Different techniques that firewall uses are service control, direction control, user control, etc. The traffic is filtered based on the IP address and the best part is that it will host the server for web or even for the mailing services. In here, you will also get the behavior control that allows the firewall to control the use of particular services.

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