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Foreign Direct Investment Economics Homework Help


Expert assistance required in Foreign Direct Investment economics homework help


An investment which sees a lot of foreign funds and which operates in a completely different country from that of the investor’s country of origin; is known as the Foreign Direct Investment or FDI. The amount that flows in includes equity capital, long term capital as well as earning reinvestment along with short term capital which is generally shown in the balance of payments. Once you start digging in deep on the topic you will see that the foreign direct investment is of two types, one is the inward foreign direct investment and the other one is the outward foreign direct investment. All these leads to, either positive NET inflow of FDI or the negative net inflow of FDI. If the company is thinking about contributing towards the economic globalization, then Foreign direct investment is one way of doing that.


The investor in this case can be anybody; he can be an individual or an incorporated entity or unincorporated entity, private company or public company or even a group of enterprises, etc.  It can also be a trust or may be a social institution which has the ability to fund. If you want to know about FDI in details, then Foreign Direct Investment economics homework help will assist you in diving in deep into the sea.

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