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Materials Engineers design, describe and fabricate the \"stuff\" of our regular planet. Materials scientists and engineers work in nanotechnology, biotechnology, aerospace, elective life, microelectronics and practically each industry sector. Major areas of study are the relationships between materials\' structure, properties, processing, and performance.

The MatE programs stress the roles of design, advancement, and process engineering, and also plan the extraordinary student for research and graduate study. The undergraduate curriculum is licensed by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. The Department has brilliant research facility facilities for courses and student research. Materials scientists and engineers press on to be at the front line of all of these and numerous different areas of science, as well.

Materials science and engineering influences our lives every time we purchase or use another apparatus, machine, or structure. The meaning of the scholarly field of Materials Science & Engineering stems from an acknowledgement concerning the each provision of materials: it is the properties of the material that give it esteem. A material may be chosen for its strength, its electrical properties, resistance to high temperature or corrosion, or a host of different reasons; however they all identify with properties. At last materials must perform their tasks in an efficient and societally responsible way.

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