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The company was known by a different name earlier but during the release of third version, the company changed its name to Oracle. So, it actually started in the year 1917 under the name of RSI and the founder member of the company is Larry Ellison. He along with his associates formed this organization which is now a common name in the world of computer technology. There are different Oracle tools that you must know in order to work efficiently and some of the tools are SQL plus, Oracle graphics, Oracle forms, etc. Though the tools are considered to be user friendly but if you want some advanced help in creating database objects or reports or forms, then you can seek Oracle computer homework help from the web tutors. They are experienced and know exactly how to write the best answer for you.


They will help you in achieving the best scores in the assignment. You will get to know about the Oracle DBA which is the software that executes SQL statement after compiling it. Now that you are into the subject, therefore you will know the two different parts of SQL, one is the interactive SQL and the other one is the PL/SQL and how they are incorporated in Oracle to make your study interesting.

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