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Process costing is an accounting approach that traces and accumulates straight costs, and allocates backhanded costs of an assembling process. Costs are assigned to products, usually in a hefty parcel, which may incorporate a whole month\'s creation. In the future, costs need to be apportioned to distinct units of feature. It assigns normal costs to every unit, and is the opposite great of Job costing which attempts to measure unique costs of handling of every unit. Process costing is usually a significant part. 

Strategy for verifying the aggregate unit cost of the yield of a continuous processing run (such as in nourishment processing, petroleum, and textile industries) in which an item passes through several processes (or cost centers). It involves these steps: 1. The \'aggregate cost for every process\' is registered by estimating the amount of products passing through every process in a given period. 2. The \'unit cost for every process\' is processed by partitioning the \'aggregate cost for every process\' by the amount of units passing through the process in the given period. 3. The \'unit cost for every process\' is charged to every unit as it passes through every process so that, at the finish of the creation cycle, every item will have accepted a suitable charge for every process through which it has passed.

Process costing is a sort of operation costing which is used to ascertain the cost of an item at every process or stage of production. CIMA defines process costing as \"The costing strategy relevant where goods or services result from a sequence of continuous or dull operations or processes. Costs are arrived at the midpoint of over the units processed throughout the period\". Process costing is suitable for industries handling homogeneous products and where generation is a continuous rush. A process might be implied as the sub-unit of an organization specifically outlined for cost accumulation purpose.

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