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Product management is business lifecycle functionality within a company working with the planning, forecasting, or even marketing of a product or service or products in anyway levels of the product lifecycle. The role consist of product development together with product marketing, which might be different (yet complementary) actions, with the purpose of maximizing selling revenues, market share, together with profit margins. The product manager is usually responsible for studying market situations and defining features or even functions of a product.

The responsibility of product management spans multiple activities from planned to tactical and differs dependent on the organizational shape of the company. Product management might be a function separate by itself, or an associate of marketing or engineering. While associated with the entire merchandise lifecycle, the product management\'s prime focus is on directing new product development. In accordance to the Product Development together with Management Association (PDMA), remarkable and differentiated brand new products ones that supply unique benefits and remarkable price to the buyer is the top driver of success and also product profitability. Based upon the company size and background, product management has multiple functions and roles.

Sometimes there is certainly a product manager, and occasionally the position of product manager is distributed by other roles. Frequently there are Profit and Loss (P&L) duties as an important metric for analyzing product manager performance. In some organizations, the product management functionality is the hub of a lot of other activities around the products. In some others, it is one of the many things that really need to happen to bring merchandise to market and directly monitor and handle it in-market. Product management usually assists an inter-disciplinary position, bridging spaces within the company between groups of different expertise, particularly between engineering-oriented groups and commercially focused teams.

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