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Queuing Theory Statistics Homework Help


Queuing for the Queuing theory statistics homework help


A.K. Erlang stated this theory in the year 1905 which deals with the demand of service being fluctuating when the dial equipment which is automatic is used. There is a queue in everywhere you go starting from bank to movie hall but if you see the broader picture you will see that if there is any delay in the production process, then the duration of product cycle will increase and it automatically gets added to the product cost. When the production cost increases or the production gets delayed, then it becomes hard to deliver on time and it leads to customer’s dissatisfaction with the services. By using the queuing theory you will know the imbalance between the items that are coming and going. Through this you will know for how long the person will have to wait in the queue.


There are several assumption based in which the queuing theory happens and that are, you will find only one queue and that too is based on whoever comes first will get the first position. You will find some conditions that are steady state whereas you will also get to work with Poisson distribution. The Queuing theory statistics homework help will explain that N which is the rate of mean service is greater than m which is the mean arrival rate

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