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Retail Management is the last stage of any economical activity. BY virtue of this vital fact Retail requires an important place into the world economy. In an attempt to recognize the scope of the keyword retail, a variety of definitions of the term are being examined. The various procedures that help the buyers to procure the preferred merchandise from the retail outlets for their end utilize refer to retail management. Retail management contains all the steps necessary to have the customers into the retail store and fulfill their purchasing needs.

Retail management can make shopping an enjoyable experience and guarantees the customers walk away the retail store with a smile. In simpler terms, retail management supports customers shop without a difficulty. Retail Management is a skill, and not only requires but demands employing several equipment of logistics management for an entire end user satisfaction. It understands the final user in support of the producer. It is a procedure of facilitation. Retailing Business activities include Selling Products or services to Consumers for their Individual, Family or Household usage of every sale of Products or services to final consumer.

Retail management conserve time and guarantees the customers easily identify their desired products and return home satisfied. A retailer or retail outlet is any business organization whose sale quantity comes mostly from retailing. It is necessary to recognize that in the complicated world of trade today, retail store would include only products but also services, which might be provided to the final consumer. In an period where the customers is the king and even marketers are concentrating on customer delight, retail might be redefined as the initial point of customer contact.

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