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We source the right, at our only attention, to reject or terminate any Purchase or Item demand for any purpose. Please observe that there may be purchases that cannot be approved or are not able to be approved. Some circumstances may result in the transaction being stopped due to discrepancies in Item accessibility or costs information. If your Purchase, or any part of your Purchase, is stopped you will be informed and recommended of the scenario.
In inclusion, if your Purchase is stopped due to transaction handling problems, you will be informed and recommended of the scenario to help make appropriate improvements as required. If the transaction is stopped after transaction is obtained, by Stucomp, before achievement and distribution of the purchase to you, for any purpose, your transaction will be coming back in the amount obtained.

Refunds are not assured, and are at the full attention of the employees/support group of the Organization. If you are disappointed with the quality of your work, you may publish a argument or contact the support group for further assistance; at no time will any other claims or contracts be considered as a return assurance or assurance for return. All last choices on reimbursements rely on the only attention of the Organization.


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